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The Contract Project launched by ICE – the Italian Trade Promotion Agency - in 2010, with the primary target of enhancing the supply chain for Made in Italy’s most representative sectors, has by now established itself as a benchmark in international contract management.

The contract comprises both the implementation of “turnkey” projects, often managed by contractors or globally structured architecture and design firms, and the involvement of the entire production chain related to procurements for the building and furnishings industries. The contract has by now become a continuously expanding reality on a global scale, involving a broad range of sectors: hospitality (hotels, airports, residences), retail commerce (stores, restaurants, shopping centres), business, culture and yachting.

In just three years, the Contractitaliano brand has brought together over 300 companies in promotional initiatives, highlighting how Italian companies excel in the high end and luxury segments, being active almost exclusively in procurements and subcontracting, whereas the overall management of orders and international tenders are mainly the preserve of large contracting or architecture/design firms.

Within this context, the portal www.contractitaliano.it  can be considered the driving force behind the promotional activities of the ICE agency in the field of contract, since it gathers and directs companies and professionals on the web seeking promotional tools not only domestically but especially abroad. Currently, the portal includes a section that brings together some 250 online showcases for companies and professionals in the sector, with a range of operating tools (such as the Business Opportunities and Partnership sections) providing direct information and synergies between companies on international tenders, funding, and previews on major projects.

The Offerta Italiana section is a selection of online showcases dedicated to companies and professionals in the Made in Italy contract sector, highlighting projects that have been implemented. In addition, the portal offers a range of operational sections available to companies:

  • Business opportunities – news and updates on tenders, global projects, local development plans, business opportunities.
  • Partnerships – requests and offers for partnerships between businesses and professionals in the contract sector, facilitating profitable synergies for contract projects, international tenders and temporary corporate partnerships.
  • Legislation - ICE support regarding the main regulations in force at the international level in the contract sector.

 The Contractitaliano community now boasts a community of 50,000 visitors, with over 6,000 international professionals affiliated both through the web and via Linkedin and Twitter (@ContractItalia).