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Via Cornarè, 12 - Basalghelle - 31040 Mansuè (TV)
P.Iva 02327510307 tel +39 0422 756052
fax +39 0422 755312
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Karboxx, young and innovative lighting firm, has the mission to produce lamps with an exclusive and refined design, through the use of innovative and technological materials, such as carbon fibre and fibre- glass, distinctive features of the trademark. Light, resistant and modern materials, with unique, refined, elegant, minimal but also comfortable shades, designed by Enrico Franzolini, Vicente Garcìa Jimènez and Brian Rasmussen.

Karboxx future is closely related to the constant research and in-depth analysis of the design themes, in order to create innovative collections.

The care for details and the attention to the materials that are used combined with exclusive design make Karboxx one of the upscale brands of the greatest potential. Potential that Karboxx makes use though colour- therapy lighting. The colour and the intensity of light has important visual and biological effects: more productivity, more rapidity, less mistakes and above all less stress.

Karboxx pays attention to modern life needs; the firm studies its projects in order to offer final users advantages.

This strategy turns up in the identification of settings, zones, corners or anything else that makes it possible to perceive in the best way possible the lighting project that Karboxx has adopted and that it offers to final users through its retail partners. Karboxx offers a personalized arrangement where colours, music, and fragrances (involvement of multiple senses) combine with the sensations generated by a product which is of its own right exclusive and fascinating.

A cheering, plain and refined design; resistant and technological materials; exciting and pleasant colours in order to improve the quality of life.

Karboxx collaborates today with designers and architects from all over the world, Enrico Franzolini is our Executive Art Director.

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