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STMicroelectronics – Office Building

STMicroelectronics – Office Building

by A.M. Architetti S.r.l.

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STMicroelectronics – Worldwide Headquarters

STMicroelectronics – Worldwide Headquarters

by A.M. Architetti S.r.l.

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A.M. Architetti S.r.l.
Viale Bruno Buozzi, 49 - 00197 Roma (RM)
P.Iva 04869451007 tel +39 06 4131891
fax +39 06 4131893
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A.M. Architetti Srl, part of the AMA Group, is a company for architecture and engineering that operates nationally and internationally, with offices in Rome, Singapore, Shanghai and Tripoli.

The founder, Prof. Arch. Alfonso Mercurio, began his career around 1970, working first in residential, tourist and public, then in the architecture for the service sector.

The company, a leading designer of fabs, facilities for research and manufacturing in the semiconductor field, operates in Europe, United States and Far East for multinational companies such as Texas Instruments, AMD, Tech Semiconductor, ACER, STMicroelectronics and Micron.

A.M. Architetti Srl usually works for the construction of buildings of considerable size and over the years has designed projects in at least 14 different foreign countries; works that already before the entry into force of the ISO 9001, have forced many professionals in planning interventions with instruments "ad hoc", which can be compared to the current procedures under ISO 9001: 2000 in the possession of the Firm. It is no coincidence, then, that A.M. Architetti Srl was one of the first in Italy to have obtained the Quality Certification.

A.M. Architetti srl also addressed the design of buildings of strong representative charge. Notable among them:

  • the project for the Company Headquarters of STMicroelectronics in Geneva (Switzerland), awarded the ISES (International Solar Energy Society) Prize in the fifth edition of the International Prize for commissioning a building, Dedalo Minosse 2003/2004 and, in 2003, the Prix Solaire Suisse as part of the Solar Energy Foundation Award for best architectural integration of photovoltaic panels;
  • Functional conversion of the historic "Palazzo Mezzanotte" in Milan, that, after serving for more than fifty years as Stock Exchange Building, with this intervention has transformed the premises into a media conference center that continues the tradition of building hosting services with the latest technology. The Palace of the Stock Exchange is currently the headquarters of the Italian Stock Exchange Company.

Among the most important projects we include also the offices of STMicroelectronics Asia in Singapore, the "Kilby Research Center" at Texas Instruments in Dallas (USA), the centers of production and research for microprocessors "FAB 30" and "FAB 36 "of AMD in Dresden (Germany), offices for Texas Instruments in Freising, Munich (Germany), STMicroelectronics industries in the “Etna Valley” of Catania, the" Power Lab ", a hydrogen research center for CIRPS in Civitavecchia, the project of a new stadium for the SS Lazio.

In recent years, A.M. Architetti Srl (AMA Group) has decided to diversify its business by addressing new issues, including the design of the "Supreme Court" in Tripoli (Libya), the "Dakar Tower" in Dakar (Senegal), a 800 MW power plant for EDISON in Simeri -Crichi (Italy), an elementary school in Bussolengo (Italy), three residential buildings in “Parco Talenti”, Rome (Italy), a Residential Health Care Center in Cremona (Italy), an office building in the EUR district in Rome (Italy), the interior spaces of the Cartier Boutique in Rome, Bologna, Florence and Porto Cervo (Italy) and the European headquarters of Numonyx in Rolle (Switzerland).

Architectural Design, Structural Design, Construction Management, Security, etc.