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Villa “Les heures claires”

Villa “Les heures claires”

by Associazione Temporanea di Professionisti - Architetti Tanga & Sasia

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Associazione Temporanea di Professionisti - Architetti Tanga & Sasia
Via San Nicola, 25 - 12037 Saluzzo (CN)
P.Iva 03115650040 - 02581060049 tel 347/7241691 - 348/8109368

The work performed from architects regards the complete management of the activities required during the project, construction plan, systems and interiors decorations.

We could start from the study of the existing architecture. With realizations of survey of any type of architectual artifact of any dimension and typology like historical or contemporary. At the end of this job we could supply 2d cad drawings of the top, side and sections views with any types of technical and decorative details in different scale.
After that, we could also continue with the study and realization of the reuse project, recovery and new functional distribution in addition to new constructions with all documentations that is necessary like 2d cad drawings and top, side and sections views with photo render of the new project proposal.
We give special attention to the statical study of the static structures, thanks to our big experience in reinforced concrete works but also in tradidional wall, steel, woods and glass. With all dwg and documents we attached also all technical-descriptive reportswith a detailed list of material and cost of realizations.

During the design we could also manage the study of water systems distribution, heating systems, cooling system, electrical system, light system, tv/sound system and security system. In the design area we could also to make detailed study about furnishings, any type of lamp light, wall decorations and flooring.

We also give expert advice about r&d of the furnishing elements also of antique trade, contemporary design or handicraft. After a long collaboration with the supervisor for architecture in piemonte,we could also manage restoration of decorations and paintings.

In conclusion the architects have the capacity and the conpetence for follow a complete project and all document that are necessary. For realize a complete job we could ask to handicraft specialized.


  • Progettazione architettonica;
  • Restauro e conservazione architettonica di opere storiche e monumentali;
  • Architetture temporanee, installazioni;
  • Urbanistica, pianificazione, ambiente;
  • Progettazione urbanistica;
  • Architettura del paesaggio;
  • Pianificazione territoriale e tutela ambientale;
  • Direzione lavori e cantiere;
  • Rilievo, topografia, catasto;
  • Rilievo di siti e fabbricati;
  • Computi metrici estimativi, contabilità;
  • Consulenze;
  • Perizie e consulenze tecniche;
  • Estimo e valutazioni immobiliari;
  • Consulenze aziendali ed organizzative;
  • Design;
  • Arredo e design d'interni;
  • Illuminazione d'interni;
  • Design industriale;
  • Disegno cad, grafica;
  • Disegno cad e modellazione 3d;
  • Grafica, computer art;
  • Modellistica, plastici architettonici.
  • Villa “Les heures claires”

    Villa “Les heures claires”

    Saint Jean Cap Ferrat – Côte d’Azur
    Houses, Real Estate, Residential
    Design studies