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by Simone Micheli Architectural Hero



by Simone Micheli Architectural Hero


One of the most prestigious hotel in Budapest, the historical New York Palace, in ownership of Boscolo Hotels, hosts on its basement the resounding spa, designed by Architect Simone Micheli.

"When Angelo Boscolo called me to conceive this space destined to phsyco-physical regeneration and to recreational relax, in the charmed location of the New York Palace in Budapest, I immediately thought that I would have dialogued with the great historical architectural existing, through the definition of an anti-mimetic place which told an exciting story linked to our contemporaneity. 

I talked to Angelo, and his "interactive" family, about this idea, about my will to exalt the sensorial sphere of the guests through a project characterized by strong, determined and seductive features; I talked to them about "synaesthesia". After few exchanges of views everything was clear! Boscolo Group had chosen me for the realisation of an hypercontemporary work, from the expressive point of view strong as the prestigious containing a proposal magnificence of the nineteenth- century arched structure, and able to become the iconic reference for the future of the wellness centres in the world, able to involve users in a never seen three-dimensional dimension.

I was glad to make a new step toward the future, according to my architectural belief and my references about content and form, I was and I am glad to have found new talented "adventure mates" with whom to share dreams and eccellent productions. From these conceptual premises grew out the "super spa" of the New York Palace".

It is a three-dimensional manifest of the possible and wanted union between architecture, sensoriality and wellness, of the synergy and commixture between furniture which tend to conceptual, but absolutely functional, plastic and fluid shapes, and the hostʼs private experience which run through this space, a wonderful dream which tend to unreal.

We are talking about a synaesthetic, volumetric, visual and emphasizing content reflection which intends to identify a way to celebrate the relationship between man, built space and wellness, between theoretical nuances and compositive thruths, between matter, surfaces, light, colour, sound, scent and water.

An interactive, hybrid, exciting and anti-canonic place, characterized by an acceptance-reception zone, by distribution paths with little areas dedicated to the exposition of body care products, by man-woman dressing-rooms, by a fitness area, by treatment cabines, by a café, by the humid zone provided with sauna, turkish bath, showers, ice machine and relax area, and by a swimming pool-café with mutiple water games.

Everything is projected to integrate and to craddle the guest in this dream: a new wellness centre able to live both day and night. The walls have been fluidly coated with plastic and dynamic surfaces built in plaster and finished with glossy white resin. A white curtain of matter is created, which clothes the walls with a sinuous and organic trend, togheter with a light and shade game which these surfaces cast on themselves ( thanks to the dinamic punctiform illumination set on the floor ) which dematerializes and transposes the stereotyped image of the space-box in the absolute sdetting.

All the project of illuminating engineering partecipates in this purpose: in this harmonic and curvilinear shapes are set blue light led spotlights. We go through these spaces walking on a rough flooring made of black natural slate, and the totemic steles which divide the environments and are covered with laminate printed with images of stained ice and the clean and essential volumes of the furniture used to put up the beauty products, which are finished with glossy black laminate and illuminated by optical fibres which emerge from aluminium tubulars, set themselves against the materiality and plasticity of everything surrounds us.

In the middle of a circular area which we enter directly from the hall and the rooms floors, there is the reception, a big circular desk which is covered with a laminate representing images of stained ice and contains and isolate the work area. All the wellness centre unwinds itself and develops around this central hall.

Clean and precise wall coverings, made of mirrors with big green satinizings which play with the space, set sometimes themselves against and give breath to the shaped walls. We arrive this way to the dressing-rooms, characterized by the soft split natural slate black slabs, which cover both floor and wall, by a false ceiling made of laminate printed with images of stained ice and by furniture made of glossy black laminate.

Continuing this sensorial path we arrive at the real heart of the centre: another laminate stele hides the pelting gargoyles for shoulder massages, and marks the further development of this path. On the right there is the fitness area, the café constituted by a glossy black laminate- covered counter, whose back wall is taken up by a mirror with green satinizings and shelves made of glossy black laminate and retroilluminated with blue light, and the area dedicated to the rooms for the body treatments, all provided with washbasin and showers, externally covered by mirrors, with doors made of glossy black laminate and with big glossy inox steel handles which quote the shapes of the green satinizings of the mirrors, internally by a wall in black stone as well as the floor, while the other ones are in black color and they are spangled by little coloured mirrors that play games of lights and images.

On the left we find the humid zone of the wellness center: sauna, turkish bath, aromatic and jet showers, ice machine, freezed and hot waters offer to the client a total immersion in an “uterine” dimension. Some steles in laminate divide this space creating protected niches inside which it is possibile to relax under macro-showers. A large window marked by big green satinizings divides and separates the pthers showers of the center.

The floor in natural stone and the ceilings painted in black also characterize the relax area with confortable and charming chaise lingue that permit to relax in a dream and surreal atmosphere emphasized by multi-projections. Finally the spectacular zone of the swimming-pool –whirpoolbath: the floor in black stone and the wall in white plasterboard and resin that cover the masonries creating a fluid fragment of sky thanks to the little blu recessed led. The pool, with a support surface aimed to server cocktails on the border, is covered by a glazing brown and silver mosaic. Inside the swimming pool changeable lighting and water effects are played by a computerizing consolle.

The scenographic cascade that falls from a big black plate on the ceiling as well as the music played by underwater sound boxes, create an unique and spectacular wellness path in the water. This is a total project and an extraordinary research of emotions. The spaces are conceived as fragments of architecture and as specific achievement of a seductive theatricality aimed to interact with all the sensorial spheres. It is a place projected to impress and stimulate every spatial and material fragment as well as conceived to generate multiple conceptual and sensorial interactions and coincidences.

The Spa of the New York Palace Hotel, designed by Arch. Simone Micheli, offers to the client the opportunity to regenerate ourself and to live new sensorial experiences in an architectural charming setting, in a dream becomes matter, unique and spectacular offering to the visitors a new dimension made by amazing surprises and emotional glorification. In each space of the Spa, fragrances, changeable lights and sounds become the main complementary entity apt to exalt the “archaic” themes.

Italian Contribution to the project

Interior design

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