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Italy Pavilion Shanghai EXPO 2010

Italy Pavilion Shanghai EXPO 2010

by A&U Architettura Urbanistica Engineering Co. Ltd


The design concept of the Italian Pavilion for the Shanghai Universal Expo 2010 interpreted the theme “Better city, Better Life”.

The design is focused on the quality of city life, and especially on eco-compatible solutions. It is not only a question of respecting the environment, but of promoting a sort of “ecology of the spirit”: the indoor garden and the presence of water and natural light spreading through the rooms from the patios and lateral openings of the walls create the right kind of psychophysical comfort and is important to sustain good quality social relationships. Other characteristics, too, are part of a well-designed town planning: sustainable  architecture and Italian creativity; insight and scientific research; reference to the human dimension of life, as in a small Italian town or Chinese village; the contents of an eco-sustainable building capable of identifying and illustrating the main energy saving and optimization systems, as well as natural solutions and the application of the passive principles of architecture.

The proposed bio  climatic choices are given by a set of complex strategies through a careful design of cross ventilation systems depending upon the direction of prevailing winds and the position of the openings and the type of geometry of the space. The natural cooling in summer is not restricted just at the atrium but at the entire building, using the “cuts” of the central hall, which act as real wind tunnels: these devices become also a lexicon of the use of environmentally friendly technologies, diffused through an automatic system that allows the extraction of hot air.

All the used materials are “dry”: from the supporting structure, the coating of the facade of transparent concrete panels, the internal partitions slabs, the floating floors for the entire pavilion, etc. The winning project had planned to use, due to a special design, an innovative material of great importance and diversified characteristics, called “ transparent concrete”, capable of representing in a significant way also the technological advancement in the study and production of innovative materials. This semi-transparent membrane, that alternates with the perimeter opaque surfaces, is characterized by different gradation of transparencies depending on the functional articulation of the interiors.

The integration of lighting design in the design process generally has two main objectives: guiding the architectural choices, of the exteriors in particular, shifting them to the optimization of power consumption; researching the expressiveness of the architectural design of light as a primary component of contemporary space.

Italian Contribution to the project

Products and technologies developed and supplied by Italian Companies and installed in the building:

  •  Outfitting: Triennale di Milano
  • Sanitary-Hygienic branch: Ceramica Globo
  • Air conditioning system: Climaveneta
  • Water heating system: Elco
  • Porcelain stoneware: GranitiFiandre
  • Architectural lighting: iGuzzini
  • Transparent concrete mixture: Italcementi Group
  • Air quality: Labiotest
  • Adhesive anc complementary products: MAPEI
  • Courtain walls: Permasteelisa Group
  • Submersed electric pump: Rutschi
  • Fire detection / extinguishing systems: Sispa
  • Elevators and escalators: TECNO
  • Remote control for windows: UCS
  • Electrical devices: Vimar
  • Sanitary fittings: Zucchetti

Designers: Prof. Arch. Giampaolo Imbrighi (Capogruppo), Arch. Teresa Crescenzi, + Five Architects

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