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Saizeriya - Re-styling of restaurants' chain

Saizeriya - Re-styling of restaurants' chain

by Alessiostudio s.r.l. - Lorena Alessio architect


The project involves the re-styling of the commercial chain Saizeriya, owning  more than a thousand restaurants of Italian food in Japan, and now also present in China, Taiwan and Singapore.
The project is divided into three phases:

  1. The realization of the "Corporate Identity Guidelines", defining all the architectural design choices, the corporate image (pictograms, plates, cups, menus, uniforms, etc.) and graphics for the refurbishing of existing restaurants and / or the creation of new ones;
  2. The realization of a prototype restaurant, in order to verify the materials, construction methods, the costs and the selling after the refurbishment;
  3. Having tested the first six months selling after the refurbishing of the prototype restuarant, and having achieved an increase of 30% of selling, the company Saizeriya decided to continue with the refurbishing of other six restaurants in Tokyo. 

The concept comes from an analysis of the Italian lifestyle, Italian arts and Made in Italy products.
The image of the restaurant is strongly linked to the colors resulting from some Italian landscapes: the city overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the colors of the vineyards, wheat fields, olive groves.
The images themselves become part of the architecture, with colors on the background walls, and through their stylized reproduction of glass walls.

The project consists of the alternating 'islands' 'grain', 'grape', or 'olive'. A unique image of re-styling, allowing a variety and flexibility of the interior design, given the high number of  restaurants.
The floor itself can vary with the theme "On the Lawn" or  "On The Beach".

Italian Contribution to the project

Furniture Made in Italy:

  • Ceramics - Mirage;
  • Pvc – Liuni;
  • Chairs – Arper;
  • Lighting – Panzeri;
  • Matrix Frame - Mycrom.
  • Alessiostudio s.r.l. - Lorena Alessio architect

    Alessiostudio s.r.l. - Lorena Alessio architect

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