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Headquarter Holcom

Headquarter Holcom

by Lombardini22 SpA


The new headquarters of the company Holcom is a large building of seven floors above ground between urban and hill views.

The project is part of L22 and DEGW initially in a structural plan already partly determined, but assaults immediately the deep (and difficult) geometry of the lot with an architectural concept that follows certain principles privileged: the balance between enhancement and surface maximum living spaces; the rational management of internal and external flows; optimization of all aspects of environmental and energy combined with a representative architecture.

While immersed in the strong light intensity of Beirut, the design of the enclosure is designed to maximize day-lighting, reducing the use of artificial light, and at the same time protect against solar radiation exposed surfaces. A package formed by two subsystems: a curtain wall glass and continuous, positioned 20 cm beyond the edge of the insole to make room for a band of acoustic and thermal insulation efficiency, and external shielding that surrounds the building by modulating its ad hoc density.

Volumes and open areas. Behind this "dress", the body of the building is the result of accurate volumetric movements, always attentive to the comfort. Starting from the ground floor, where the entrance hall and cafeteria are accompanied by tanks of water to balance the levels of humidity; the third level of the building is broken down into three parts: the central one moves back in the wing connection and creates two large tree-shaded terraces while the end is divided into two distinct blocks offices, also lightened by internal patios as vectors d ' air and natural light; Finally, at the top of the building, blocks ending in two Penthouse (hosting the executive functions and training organization) linked by a central body (again, with pools of water inside) and a roof terrace, all crowned by a roof structure in steel that supports the photovoltaic panels

Italian Contribution to the project

Suppliers: Alessi, Bolon, Braun&Wuerfele, Cappellini, Cassina,Gemino International, iGuzzini, Lualdi, Soema, Unifor (office furniture).

Construction company: Abniah s.a.r.l.

Local Partner: Architect– Domenico Ghirotto Progettazione Impianti: Gilbert Tambourgi (electrical installations); Fouad Hanna (plant being).

Project leader: Marco Amosso

Project Team: Domenico Ghirotto, Chiara Schiazza, Gianluca Fusari, Andrea Grizzetti.

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