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Development of a Public Transportation – Oriented System along the Ring Road in Belo Horizonte

Development of a Public Transportation – Oriented System along the Ring Road in Belo Horizonte

by AKA


The project originated from an International competition organized in 2014 by World Bank for the Brazilian metropolis of Belo Horizonte, one of the most important cities in Brazil and Minas Gerais State’s Capital, centered on the issues of sustainable mobility and air quality.

Belo Horizonte is, at the moment, crossed by a high speed arterial road, the “Anel Rodoviário”, an arc-shaped Regional highway that brings many negative consequences as a strong disconnection between the different parts of the city, a high level of danger, the presence of undefined urban areas, a lack of public spaces, problems in the interference of activities and the environmental fragility of the surroundings.

The project is aimed to convert the present Regional Transportation Corridor into a local road, elaborating a new “model of public transit-oriented urban development“ and activating short and long-term strategies of urban regeneration.

The general guidelines for the ongoing planning process can be summarized as follows:

  • an urban model organized by parts - focused on their particular qualities and reconstructing the identity of the different boroughs (Bairros).
  • transformation/regeneration of the existing city - an equitable model of development, that can foster at the same time big works and a widespread urban renovation.
  • preservation of the green corridors - protecting  the many strategic functions along the Ring, improving the compatibility of the different activities and limiting their impacts.
  • a multiscale model - centered on longitudinal and transversal connections and on the management of different speeds along the road.
  • a model that improves the integration of the various transportation modes with urban spaces - by the redesign of the transportation nodes, stations and access points.

A system that generates new polarities and new public quality spaces.

Italian Contribution to the project

The project has been developed in team with:

  • TECNIC Consulting Engineers S.p.A. - Rome
  • Dipartimento di Architettura e Progetto – Sapienza University Rome 
  • Office Arquitetura & Planejamento Ltda - Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • AKA


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