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Urban Design Competition and Procurement for the Coastal Strip and Surrounding Settlements for tourism development and infrastructures

Urban Design Competition and Procurement for the Coastal Strip and Surrounding Settlements for tourism development and infrastructures



The project consists in the master plan and urban design, public space and services for the coastal coastal strip and for the related settlements based on tourism development for the Region of Orikum. The project establishes the National Park of Karaburun-Orikum lagoon-Llogara: with the aim of setting up a Centre of Excellence that can offer unique and diverse experiences. To achieve this aim it has been proposed a process that promotes the attractiveness and accessibility of the coastal area of Orikum integrating archaeological values, maritime heritage, seaside tourism and marine sports activities and nature, food and wine promotion etc.

The establishment of the park: National Park Llogara+Karaburun+Orikum Lagoon takes place through the establishment of a clear boundary delimited by a buffer zone and including also the lagoon area, the church Marmiru and the archaeological area. The park will be equipped with a info point for visitors and a system of equipments for all available activities (MFS Modular Furniture System). The existing coastal road that interrupts the natural link between the lagoon and the sea, is set back and relocated behind the lagoon, bordering agricultural fields and is linked to the existing routes of Karaburun. The reserves of Karaburun, object of several fires over the years, will experience a reforestation plan aimed at improving the conditions of use of the area. The identity of the new park is supported by the creation of a brand of the park: a logo, a name (K.O.L Karaburun-Orikum-Llogara) that will mark all routes and nodal points of the area.

In addition to the enhancement of existing naturalistic features, the project proposes the identification of archaeological  itineraries able to reconnect Old Trajas and other historic sites and archaeological values within the network of the region of Orikum. The project also proposes the conversion of the village of Old Trajas in a diffuse hotel and the restoration and preservation of historic buildings of Rradhima.

For the city of Orikum the project focuses on limiting the expansion of the city towards the coast (protected by a constraint in building rights of 300m) and proposes measures aimed at the development of urban public spaces extremely fragmented.
To give new impulse to local agriculture have been identified three intervention strategies according to different areas of the region: for the south  agricultural area of the lagoon has been proposed the cultivation with medicinal plants with the establishment of a medical seeds bank. Viticulture is appropriate to the front of the Adriatic Karaburun, while the inland hills are suitable for cultivation in terraces of citrus fruits.



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