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Landscape and urban design of the Urban Park: RUNWAY PARK

Landscape and urban design of the Urban Park: RUNWAY PARK



The Km_RunwayPark, designed for the city of Tirana, is a public urban space, a theme park that does not isolate existing space but, on the contrary, unites the various urban fragments that surround it, both existing and under development, ensuring its role in the future urban development of the city.

The project is located in an area with exceptional urban qualities: a 50 m wide by one kilometre long void in the urban fabric left by the former landing strip of an abandoned military airport in the northwest quadrant of the city.

The project defines a clear and recognisable identifying image that simultaneously works at two different scales:

  1. The Urban Scale, where the rhythmic alternation of different paved surfaces and/or vegetation produces an overall image that alludes to the structure of a text or a writing left by an abstract calligraphy that designs a vast canvas based on scanning, repetition and rhythm.
  2. The Human Scale where, on the contrary, the design dedicated to each single area is differentiated according to function, colours, use, etc. This process creates a series of rooms, each different from the other and each with its own specific value. This in turn produces differences and interplay, while maintaining communication and thus the unitary and identity-giving perception of the entire intervention.

The project features a singular unit of measurement: 1 km. It is precisely this concept of measurement that underlies the logic of the designed spaces, which can be perceived by walking the length of the project; if we take into consideration the presence of schools and universities in the immediately neighbouring areas, and thus a significant number of young people who will use this space, we gain a clear conception of the dimensions that range from 100 metres to 1 kilometre, with the final aim of dedicating the space to sports and recreational activities (fitness, running, basketball, volleyball, playgrounds, etc.).



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