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Toko Village

Toko Village

by LMA - Luca Mariani Architetto


The Toko Village project started in 2009, the aim was to combine the quality of Italian architecture with the dynamism and spontaneity of the Brazilian reality.The challenge is creating a wonderful place to live in or spend the holidays in a relaxing atmosphere , away from crowded cities and surrounded by  the extraordinary Brazilian tropical environment .The village is located on the coast of Mutà, in Porto Seguro, Bahia.

The area owns a ​​high environmental value since the whole district of Porto Seguro has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2000. It’s exactly from here that the Portuguese started the colonization of Brazil in 1500 . The city center still preserves the original colonial village located at the top of the headland.The Project, in order to respect local reality, was conceived as a low density settlement made by small volumes, capable of preserving the existing vegetation and offering the largest green spaces available to the inhabitants.The project involved the construction of 49 residential units: 32 apartments of four different types and 17 villas in three different types.

The common spaces were organized and equipped to provide security services, management, maintenance, leisure, sport and relax facilities.The specific organization of housing has a pattern that can provide solutions to both those who like to relate to others, and to those who instead prefer privacy. All accommodation enhance the relationship with the outside, making sure that the gardens are fully integrated with the dwellings.To build in a tropical climate, with low technology standards, surely means having a focus on all the design aspects of bioclimatic architecture which can guarantee a high comfort level through free contributions of energy.

The project therefore, analyzing the conditions of the site, studies the location and size of the openings in relation to solar radiation, organized the volumes and domestic spaces in order to create a constant natural ventilation of the rooms at all hours of the day; ensuring maximum comfort without the use of installations.Particular attention was paid to prevent solar heating coming from the windows, providing coverage with overhangs, porches, dormers and threes.

The choice of construction materials and finishings goes as well torwards both green architecture principles and local traditions: the main structure of the buildings are made of bricks  with also an extensive use of local timber for roof structures, porches, doors and windows, furnishings and finishes.

The image of the buildings is inspired by the spontaneity of the local tradition, but transformed in order to meet the standards required by international customers. The green areas, developed to work in bioclimatic terms , providing shadows and natural ventilation, are enhanced by scenic elements that give rise to the tropical charm of absolute beauty, valuing the entire environment with an amazing magical atmosphere.

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