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Catholic school Sainte-Marcelline

Catholic school Sainte-Marcelline

by P.E.P. Srl


The project of Golo-Cotonou in Benin has been conceived at the end of 2006 for the International institute of the Nuns of Saint Marcellina. Inserted in an area of around 3,5 hectares, the plant was set as objective the graft of a series of scholastic buildings and lodged you that they kept in mind of the necessity to be realized for following phases, that had a simple typology and that they kept in mind of the climatic conditions of the place. 

The project, approved by the Committenza in the first months of 2007, you/he/she has seen to rise the first Childcare facility in September of the same year. To today I/you/they have been realized: two Childcare facility in activity, total mq 910, a small house for to the lodging destined to the keeper, the definitive House of the Nuns that also welcomes voluntary and possible children in interned, mq 1980, the Primary School, mq 1425 and her "Kitchen African": common space that serves the whole complex built according to the autochtonous traditions. 

For the realization, after a first phase in which to a local firm is submitted there for the complete execution, opts for a contract to regal that is giving best results in economic and managerial terms. The contract to regal, with which our society has operated since 2001 in Gabon, it foresees the following organization:

  • First phase of verification on the spot finalized to the punctual knowledge of the local market for material, manpower and constructive formality.
  • Executive " planning realized according to the European legislation, on the base of the verifications above described.
  • Individualization with the Buyer, of the local suppliers, both for the materials and for the manpower.
  • Predisposition of the contracts of manpower toward local firms, divided for phases and typologies of job, approved and signed by the Buyer.
  • For the available materials on the spot, compilation of Orders of purchase and direct dispatch to the local suppliers or to the Nuns. Deliveries also verified for quality and quantity by the Nuns on the spot, on our indications.
  • For the non available materials in the Country, individualization of the typologies and the suppliers, approval from the Buyer, organization of the containers for the transport. Possible assistance on the spot for the practices of clearance and unloading.
  • Calculation and verification of the payments to be effected.
  • Periodic authorizations to the payments effected by the Buyer.
  • Daily activity of Direction also Works from Italy through the dispatch of photographic documentation from the firms and of the Nuns.
  • Control of the store from Italy, with verification of the quantities of materials used for single workmanships.
  • Periodic verifications on the spot than realized with test on the materials, with the aid of specific equipments (of test-tubes analyzed from local laboratories)
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