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MAS Children Teaching Hospital

MAS Children Teaching Hospital

by Architetto Giorgio Rosental


MAS Children Teaching Hospital in Hargeisa, dedicated to Dr. Mohamed Aden Sheikh, has been designed to combine a modern European architectural concept of hospitals with cultural and constructive Somali peculiarities.

The hospital has been built on an area of 13,000 square meters and it is adjacent to the Hargeisa Group Hospital, the only public hospital of the capital.

The hospital has been designed to rationalize construction and running costs, to optimize the consumption of energy and to create a pleasant surrounding for patients, their families and the staff.

The result is a group of lively colored buildings with different functional destinations, connected by a single indoor corridor.

Two smaller buildings, dedicated to teaching and OPD activities (Out Patients Department), are located on the right and left side of the patio, in front of the main building, with sitting areas for the families.

A second metal roof, mounted over the building, protect from the rain and create a natural isolation layer that shades the wards from the heat.   

Solar panel system allows reducing the consumption of electricity, which represent a considerable cost for the hospital.


The main building of the hospital (1.360 m2 in total) hosts a ward of 32 beds divided in 8 rooms, 2 isolation rooms, a nursing station, a medication room, a pharmacy, a laboratory, a store and the changing rooms for the staff.

As already mentioned, two independent structures face the patio. The east oriented one hosts administrative and teaching offices and a large room for meetings and teaching activities. The other one, still incomplete, will host the new OPD and Day Hospital spaces.

An outdoor playing space has be built next to the Group Hospital fence while at the very end of the area there are a vegetable garden where several papaya trees have been plated as well.

Italian Contribution to the project

  • IRIS ceramiche – tiles and claddings;
  • 3F Filippi – lighting fixtures;
  • Akzo Nobel / Herbol – wall paintings;
  • Bticino – electrical components;
  • Perin – generators;
  • BigMat – wooden roof.
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