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STMicroelectronics – Office Building

STMicroelectronics – Office Building

by A.M. Architetti S.r.l.


The STMicroelectronics research and development center in Shanghai (first phase of a complex that will be equal to twice the current) covers a built area of 30,000 square meters and is located in Zi Zhu Park in Shanghai, China.

The structure was built with the intention to create a building in line with the bio-architecture. An integrated design that promotes unity and harmonious co-existence between environment, architecture and man, giving priority to energy efficiency, safety and sustainability of the built spaces.

The design focuses on unification between architecture and the environment, to achieve an integrated and harmonious effect, which not only improves the ventilation and natural lighting, but also contributes to the wellbeing of the user. The project promotes the use of renewable energy and makes use of new generation materials, such as stainless steel components, aluminum alloy sheets, metal shutters and glass curtain wall.

The shape of the building is very simple and structured, meeting the guidelines of a research office building, with horizontal lines as main theme of the structure of the facade. The natural lighting of office spaces is ensured by large glass windows. Intricate details further strengthen the main design.

The building serves two primary functions - research and development and service center. The building has a total of 5 levels, consisting of a basement and four floors. The ground floor has a ceiling height of 4.8 meters while the rest of the floors have a height of 4.2 meters. The parking is in the basement, while the service center is located on the ground floor which includes a reception area, a reading room, training rooms, multi-purpose halls and restaurants. The offices are spacious and distributed throughout the second, third and fourth floor. By using intelligent software and hardware, the entire building is managed and protected efficiently, enhancing, among other things, the futuristic design of AMA Group.

Italian Contribution to the project


  • Prof. Arch. Alfonso Mercurio
  • Ing. Massimo Mercurio
  • Arch. Mauro Preto
  • Arch. Goh Lai Tin
  • Arch. Bobby Loh
  • Arch. Jerry Tan
  • Arch. Giuseppe Brogna
  • Arch. Enrico Petti


  • Travertine and granite coming from Italy.
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