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STMicroelectronics – Worldwide Headquarters

STMicroelectronics – Worldwide Headquarters

by A.M. Architetti S.r.l.


The project for the STMicroelectronics Worldwide Headquarters in Geneva proposes interesting ways of expression in accordance with the application of advanced technologies.

At the customer's request to design an administrative headquarters (about 15,000 square meters of offices) which represented the established importance attained by the Company worldwide, the designer responded by rearranging the traditional “comb” style, edited in a "progressive dynamic deformation" to form a set of four bodies of different height, in a sort of fan, and perfectly inserted in the particular form of the lot.

The sequence of scalar glazed blocks of the offices, rhythm interrupted by full-height volumes containing the common and connecting areas, create an articulated architectural complex, using, for the purpose of language and composition, the same technological innovations which endows for purposes of energy saving and environmental comfort (the ventilated wall system and automatically operated sunblind as regards the curtain walls of the offices, the photovoltaic panels to cover the atria).

The alternation between the multi-storey hall and the office bodies that surround it, the presence of the connecting walkways that cut through the vast spaces of the atrium connecting the different volumes, create in the building (in tune with what is happening in general composition of the architectural complex) a succession of alternating compressed and dilated spaces, offering the viewer a continuous changeability of feelings.

The two full-height glazed atriums separate the first three blocks of offices to create common spaces where light, filtered by the photovoltaic panels placed on the roof, penetrates in favor of offices and meeting rooms.

The exterior glazing of the four main volumes are another response from a technological and ecological environment to ensure maximum comfort to those who work inside the building, through the "Blue Technology" wall produced by Permasteelisa SpA (Italian company world leader in the production of facade systems), characterized by internal forced ventilation, automatic operation of shading curtains, synchronized and managed by a control unit in accordance with the weather conditions outside and the internal lighting system which saves on energy consumption related to thermal plants.

The choice of a facade system with special performance for the external envelope of the building comes from the desire, common to client and designer, to realize a construction that shows concretely, in materials and technical solutions adopted, the attention to energy savings , the proper use of renewable resources and respect for the environment in which the project is seen inserted.

These intentions are fully shared by the project "Blue Technology" for the concept of "sustainable building", meaning the ability to meet the present needs without compromising those of future generations.

The term Blue Technology indicates the number of physical principles that in the phases of the study of the various components of a building, such as facade systems, are considered and integrated so as to allow to the users of living in an internal comfortable space, participating at the same time in an active manner to the conservation and environmental protection.

Italian Contribution to the project


  • Arch. Alfonso Mercurio
  • Ing. Rodolfo Fugger
  • Ing. Andrea Cinuzzi
  • SVA S.r.l.
  • Arch. Giuseppe Brogna
  • Arch. Valerio Ratiglia
  • Arch. Luigi Romito
  • Arch. Francesca Onorati
  • Arch. Andrea Carvelli
  • Arch. Manuela  Mattarese
  • Ing. Alan Fyfe
  • Arch. Enrico Petti
  • Arch. Laura Ronchi
  • Donatella Schisano

Ventilated curtain wall system by PERMASTEELISA.

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