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Multifunctional building ZAC des Lilas

Multifunctional building ZAC des Lilas

by Scape Srl


The most ambitious objective of the ZAC (zone d’aménagement concerté, a French legal definition for a specific development zone) in the Porte des Lilas area, located in north-east Paris, is to modify the relationship between Paris, encircled by its beltway, the Boulevard Périphérique and the incorporated suburbs situated immediately outside this beltway.

The building includes: Sports Center, Youth Center, Psycho-pedagogical Center (CAPP).

Our approach was therefore to exploit these advantages to their maximum potential, and to develop our project following 3 major directions:

First direction: Profiting from the free space. This is a rare occasion in such a dense context. We therefore immediately decided to structure our project in such a manner as to not occupy the slab with the two sports pitches as foreseen in the program, but to preserve a part for the realization of a park – a filtering space, a pause, and a visual surprise in the visual context of the Périphérique.

Second direction: Imagining a system that guarantees the continuity between the neighborhood and its services. In locating the gymnasium underground, we created a quite permeable entry hall on the street level, and on the first floor, a sports space in direct continuity with the slab over the beltway level; the second sports terrain, which was foreseen on the slab, is located here.

Third direction: Conceiving a building with a compact and unitary image, which maintains the autonomy of its functions. At the neighborhood level, the user clearly perceives the three programs, and easily finds their access.

This building, which appears as a pure object from the exterior, is, on the inside, a living system where we wanted to put into place a plan of visual relationships both rich and varied, while giving each activity occurring within its proper due and allowing for their respective needs for intimacy.

Italian Contribution to the project

Structural and Plant engineering, Economy: LGX Ingénierie

Bioclimatics: Franck Boutté Consultants

Acoustics: ALTIA

Landscape Design: PAISA – Antonio Stignani

Site consultant: Alain Le-Bahl, Delphine Campi

General Contractor: Demathieu et Bard

Ceramics: Casalgrande Padana s.p.a.


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