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Hugo Boss Business Unit

Hugo Boss Business Unit

by Matteo Thun & Partners


The building rises in the middle of the surrounding nature, with its shell structure of intertwined wooden elements, covering a transparent structure of glass and steel. Transparency and lightness are the essential ingredients of the formal language of this architecture. The bended wooden diamond elements, sprouting from balconies, enter in a dialogue with the textile membrane that guarantees a soft, harmonious visual impact as well as protecting the construction from bad weather conditions and too much sun. 

The illumination enhances the essential forms of the interiors, the materiality of the surfaces, and guaranteeing visual cleanliness. The thermic insulation inside the building is managed through perimetric wooden panels, designed in line with the construction philosophy of the building: elevated thermic performance and optimal energetic savings. As desired by the client, the project fulfils the highest standards of comfort thanks to highly developed integrated management systems, ranging from the air conditioning to the illumination system, without neglecting the relationship with the aesthetics of the location.

Architectural elements

The structure: The structure is in steel, wood and concrete – prefabricated and economical elements that allow velocity and precision during the construction process. On the basis of this construction system it is possible to gain large spans and a flexible division of the spaces inside.

The floor: The floor is in wood and concrete. The wood regulates the humidity, the concrete the temperature. Both elements are prefabricated and allow velocity during the construction process.  The wooden structure is used as lost formwork – a big advantage of this kind of floor.

The roof: The roof is realised with a translucent membrane, which is composed as a sandwich structure of EFTE and textile, in order to make the best of the natural light inside the building.

The façade consists in three levels:

  1. External level: a horizontally running wooden diamond construction as shell structure for the protection against rain, sun and decomposition, with high light-admission
  2. Level between the wooden structure and the façade: perimetral small balconies
  3. Internal level: curtain-wall glass façade with wood

The wooden structure is the characterising element of the building:

  • -It expresses the business’ core activity of textile through the diamond weaving of weft and warp;
  • It is an optical filter between the “cleanliness” of the volume and the “softness” of the natural surrounding;
  • It has a compacting effect on the building;
  • It seems to float because it covers a transparent body.
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