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Domestica Ltd Headquarter

Domestica Ltd Headquarter

by Nothing Studio srl


With firm body and called Stone attacked by a foreign body made of glass and steel Domestica showroom go diligently to place between the portions of town of Msida. The native stone him back immediately to a local dimension but with incisive personality contends the new city.

Big eye/macro window carves stone and makes hollow and ethereal in the eyes of passersby. The bold oblique façade is the strong point of the intervention that only a gesture to underline the union or disagreement between the couple dialectic; full and empty, heaviness and lightness, transparency and opacity, and especially stability and instability. The bioclimatic greenhouse, almost, under the weight of the stone is dematerialized and one can see the plants, wants even more to read the dichotomy between the masses.

The interior of the greenhouse welcome volumes and hanging pierced by structural piers, their colors light up at night becoming clear signs of recognition in the city. The structure welcome inside a huge organizational machine sales and consulting related to the world of living and housing. The front side will bend to allow for gills destined to green dramatic scenes that serve as interior construction.

The goal of this work is being able to monitor the project until the achievement of three key aspects; the purity and simplicity of composition, together with the dialectical opposition of the masses, and complemented by an increasingly urgent demand sustainable building performance. The process versus the result.

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