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Villa Q is designed to be built in Cumbaya (location El Limonar). Cumbaya belongs to the Metropolitan District of Quito, in the province of Pichincha in Ecuador, at 2,000 m above sea level, on the Equator.

Cumbaya, due to its location and its nature, has become one of the destinations chosen by this migration process and during the last few years has undergone physical and social changes. A long and narrow land (about 34.5x18m), sloping (about 3m in altitude from the front of the lot going to the bottom). Needs: home for a growing family with permanent staff, need not to overlap routes and areas of action between the latter and the couple to allow maximum freedom of action and work.

Contrasting full and empty, in a positive negative play (given by the action of excavation), the dual nature of the operation: a level which is the continuation of the public share proceeded and rooted in the soil, and a volume (capable of receiving on two levels the most intimate space) that rests on it and rises on the valley below in search of view.

Exterior and interior, garden and living room, follow one another without interruption, except for large glazed diaphragms and the cover offered by the volume resting on the edge of the excavation. The higher volume on the first level includes three bedrooms: each room is designed with an opening towards the outside to offer an intimate and private habitat (the back garden behind the house is accessible from this level). The common area overlooks the roof terrace of the apartment and service and coincides, in prospect, with the only large opening window.

The second floor is entirely dedicated to the couple. A large loggia opens towards the valley, offering the users a privileged point of view; study area, fitness area and services surround the bedroom that becomes the core of the floor.

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