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by Franconi Architects


The house is located on a corner plot and on a soft natural slope of the land. Its situation leaves it visible from the streets surrounding from below. The house is only seen from near and it is not hidden by fences: it is exposed. This is just its main splendour.

The orientation of the main facade, the public one, avoids the sun due to the existence of large pine trees that have grown out of control outside the plot. The interior was dark and cold.

The minimum distances required, the volume existing and customer needs, only allow us to consider an extension to the main front. From the definition of a square perimeter, we lay out a setback of the main facade towards the sun, the light and the sea. This gesture, simple and strong, allowed us to create a new space: the porch.

Through a sliding and adjustable closing (element which controls the wind and solar light), the porch becomes a filter that links the inside and the outside.

The existing interior space had no clear distribution. The horizontal dimension prevailed over the vertical. In order to organize a logical distribution we drew a corridor that divides the house into three inland areas.

In the living room we put a staircase to link the existing floors (ground floor and basement) to the roof, which was obtained by converting the flat roof into a passable roof.

This is the second splendour that is delivered to this house: a neat horizontal dimension and a vertical one that did not exist previously. The rest of the work was oriented to be care on its total relations with the environment.

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