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by IndakoLab – a brand of Fasteners Pelosato S.r.l.


In 2015 an important restaurant set in Verona needs to renew its style and image.

Ownership need to preserve existent furniture without modify it and to renew space with low-cost investments.

All changes are made with modular structure of freely combinable wooden elements of different shapes and without making masonry works or modifications of the original structures. Property chooses to keep the same furniture and to the redesign it with coated panels.

Place is completely renovated by a precise redistribution of spaces and lighting: the choice is to use light colors both for furniture and for walls.

Fasteners Pelosato creates two wall cabinet with illuminated niches.

The first decorative wall is positioned at the entrance and divides this area from tables’ area. This structure has the function to be in the same time a wines display and a partition between passageway and dinner room. The second decorative wall creates a new wardrobe.

They are both paneled with light-color wooden elements to create a warm and welcoming space.

Everything has been modified to maximize the full potential of this location.

Italian Contribution to the project

We use for every modular structure our “FP” fasteners.

By a simple pressure, our fasteners allow You to attach and detach the panels, whenever such operations are necessary.

Design and project are entirely made by Fasteners Pelosato.

  • IndakoLab – a brand of Fasteners Pelosato S.r.l.

    IndakoLab – a brand of Fasteners Pelosato S.r.l.

    IndakoLab – a brand of Fasteners Pelosato S.r.l.
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