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WorldHotel Ripa Roma

WorldHotel Ripa Roma

by Simone Micheli Architectural Hero


The architect Simone Micheli, indisputable international reference for the design of hospitality and wellness created the interior and lighting design for the new rooms and the Sirioni’s meeting room at the WorldHotel Ripa Roma.

Extraordinary and unconventional hospitable place in the old town center of the Capital at Trastevere area. The essential and elegant forms catch the eye of the visitor when crossing the theresold of the space and an aura of absolute purity and extreme elegance trasmit an immediate feeling that the man is and will always be the indisputable protagonist in a scene created for his inner psychological well-being and complete fulfillment.

The furniture is in complete harmony with the surroudings the coherence of the different entities of the space targets the emotion of the visitors sets it free. Gray and white furniuture walls and floorings, contribute to create a pure and delicate atmosphere in which you can bring back, in the middle of the dense energetic network that makes up the reality, addressing the five sens of man, newfund union and harmony of body and mind.

The wide and soft bed stands in the core of the spatial room. The extended headboard with the rounded angles is also the closet, in the very center of the space. Fluidity comes over all forms, attenueting the pure inflexibility in favor of soft fragments of modernity that define a dreamlike aspect perched at the edge of time.

Mood swings are created by the contradiction between the modern features of the room and the great Roman Trastevere, the hisotirc heart of the city where the hotel is located. Effectively, the surroundings of the place demostrate a conflicting combination between future and past with new expressive possibilities.

Therefore, with a sudden rush the person acquires the ability to look into the future, to catch a glimps, a new mindset against an agitated current prospective, that contrasts the metropolitan daily chaos with some bits of well being. A place where new scenarios are created by the effects of light that surrounds the furniture, define the forms and fill the space in a way to affect the visitors.

Fluidity, light effects and reflections that overlap and clash between past, present and future are the essential traits that also distinguish the Sironi’s room, meeting room of the hotel. Escaping from the ordinary aesthetic, the space determined to address function response to the multiple needs of the contempory man by coordinating the satifaction if its actual needs with an eternally instinctive tending toward beauty.

The cured direction of lilluminating and the high gradient technology yields a the succesful metting of intent. An image of the “Foro of Traiano”, last monumental imperial roman forum, covers two walls of the room, reflecting a temporal contrast reaching fulfillment at its finest.

Italian Contribution to the project

Interior design and lighting design

Photo by Jurgen Eheim

  • Simone Micheli Architectural Hero

    Simone Micheli Architectural Hero

    Simone Micheli Architectural Hero
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