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by ARTE 2000 SRL


Arte 2000 has planned and developed the technical and artistic elements of the monumental memorial public fountain dedicated to Ashley Horne Priddy which is situated at the junction of the major arterial roads Armstrong Parkway and Preston Rd of Highland Park at the entrance of the area of the majestic ancient villas.

A studio which deals with landscape architecture has commissioned the work to us on the basis of a designer sketch requiring very tight delivery times bound by the already fixed official date for the monument inauguration or rather two months from the order confirmation and by the minimization of the necessary operations for the setup at destination. 

The work which is realized in Giallo d’Istria marble has a diameter of 11 meters and a total height of 5 meters.

We have planned and studied, through executive technical drawings, the different structural components and the hydraulic system for the water games and then we have developed and personalized with artistic drawings the ornamental and decorative elements.

The quadrilobated central sink has a diameter of 3 meters and it has been realized with monolithic elements assembled with precision and care in our workshop in order to hide on view the union points to guarantee the correct water filling during the load phase with consequent simultaneous leak from the four perimetral holes.

For the success of the project it has also been very important the analysis of the assembly phase, made possible by our ten-year experience in the realization of monumental fountains, in order to properly define which elements could be joined in our workshop before the delivery.

The entire work has been a compromise to guarantee the artistic elegance and the beauty of the work, the personalization of the product, the delivery urgency, the minimization of the delicate phases for the installation and the simplification of the difficulties due to the overall dimensions for the delivery organized by container by sea and the handling at destination.

Italian Contribution to the project

Study, development and planning of the technical aspects, care and personalization of the artistic shapes of the elements which compose the fountain. The sampling of the finishings and of the molding of the various elements.

Research and selection of the material blocks of first choice with non-standard dimensions in order to realize monolithic elements also exceeding 3 meters.

Study to lighten and to assembly as much elements as possible in our workshop for the purpose of minimizing the setup phases on site, as required by the client.

Organization of the working steps of the product in our workshop to combine the delivery of the fountain against work progress reports with the installation times at destination.

Test of the water games in our workshop.

Organization of the delicate and complex phases of packaging and handling: the customized wooden boxes included marble products of high weight and of big dimensions.

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