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Family villa

Family villa

by Arcari Arredamenti S.r.l.


A family villa, divided into two residential units, has recently been renovated; in particular, the apartment located on the first floor.

The desire to renovate the rooms, inhabited for some years now, aimed at a furnishing solution that gave the house a modern and contemporary image, although oriented towards a classic taste dictated by the family passion for ancient collecting.

To revolutionize the interiors and, at this point, also to respond to new space requirements over the course of time, a project was created in which a house with a classic outline was outlined, with maximum functionality and modern practicality, and embellished with delicate contemporary shades.

To enhance the open space, the living area and the kitchen were designed in a homogeneous style, choosing a piece of furniture that had elegant correspondences between one area and another.

Thus the composition of the kitchen reflects the characteristics of the wood-paneled bookcase, made to measure along the living room wall and open onto the atrium, while the old wooden sideboard is visually linked to the inlaid table and the fabric-covered small armchairs, located in the area reading and conversation.

In addition, prints, wall lamps, lamps, curtains and various accessories, give elegance and personality to the whole, making the atmosphere very warm and welcoming.

This also contributes to the wooden ceiling with exposed beams, the parquet and the fireplace with the glossy black frame.

The project then continues in the sleeping area, where classic lines and profiles meet neutral shades and soft, coordinated textiles.

Italian Contribution to the project

Progetto e realizzazione dell’arredamento della zona giorno e della zona notte.

Fornitura di mobili, tendaggi, tessili e complementi.

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