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M9 Museum

M9 Museum

by Lamm Srl


Confirmation as the leader in the conference sector market, LAMM was the chosen supplier for the fit-out of the prestigious auditorium/cinema in the M9 museum complex designed by Sauerbruch Hutton Architects.

This auditorium, an important place of communication, was built to host meetings, conventions, shows and film projections and was completed with the installation of LAMM’s Unica armchairs. Designed by the Company’s in-house R&D Team, these armchairs are characterised by comfort, combined with a design that can readily adjust to any applicable context. Having selected the high backrest version with its visible wooden side panels, the armchairs were installed in straight rows across 51cm high steps.

Fitted with a gravity device allowing the seat to be titled with a cushioned movement and with backrests of adjustable inclinations for a perfect view at all times, the armchairs are made from cold-foam expanded polyurethane in black padding, with side panels in black lacquered wood.

The right sides of each seat are fitted with a small tip-up and concealable writing tablet, with anti-panic motion, whilst electric sockets and USB ports are located in the lower, easy-to-access parts.

In compliance with specific design requirements, the armchairs were installed in the central area of the auditorium with spacings of 54 and 56 cm whilst spacing of 58 cm was achieved in the side areas.

With its focus on an energy-saving design, the overall M9 structure has been LEED Gold certified for its environmental sustainability (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) structure.

Italian Contribution to the project

Supplier LAMM: The Unica Armchair.

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