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Corte Biffi

Corte Biffi

by Caruso Acoustic by Lamm Srl


A short distance from Milan, in a peaceful and intimate atmosphere, stands Corte Biffi, a unique place where Caruso Acoustic has designed the acoustic requalification project of the restaurant room: a large-sized space, whose glass windows along the walls offer a fine view of the green area surrounding the building.

The focus of the project was to address acoustic problems resulting from structural factors as, for example, the presence of reflective surfaces.

The phono-metric analysis carried out into the room has allowed finding the most appropriate solution, namely Silente sound-absorbing panels in the ceiling-mounted version. Indeed, the technical-functional features of the panels and their correct distribution ensure high performances and acoustic absorption homogeneity, thereby improving significantly reverberation times.

With regard to the aesthetics, the fabric colour and the customised prints chosen – representing the zodiacal constellations – recall the furniture style and colours, thus contributing to create a cosy and stylish atmosphere.

Italian Contribution to the project

Caruso Acoustic Products: Silente

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