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Palazzo di Varignana Resort & SPA

Palazzo di Varignana Resort & SPA

by Caruso Acoustic by Lamm Srl


Caruso Acoustic panels have been recently installed at Palazzo di Varignana Resort & SPA, a prestigious and elegant structure in the Emilian hills, precisely at VARSANA SPA and AUREVO Pool Restaurant, both being part of the architectural complex.

Flag sound-absorbing panels have been installed into the wide reception of the Resort to improve the acoustic comfort and provide the guests with a relaxing and comfortable environment, which will enable them to have a conversation with the reception staff in total privacy.

Hanged to the ceiling by means of special tracks, Flag double-sided sound-absorbing panels have been realised in custom size to meet the functional needs of the room.

The formal harmony resulting from the panel arrangement strongly recalls the wooden walls typical of spas, from which the custom-made imitation-wood prints draw inspiration. 

The particular texture of the bespoke prints has been also employed for hanging Silente sound-absorbing panels, installed into the reception and lounge area of AUREVO Pool Restaurant.

Surrounded by nature, the restaurant offers its guests a breathtaking view through floor-to-ceiling windows, which also lead to the Resort park.

Hanging Silente panels, in this case supplied with special size, are equipped with a LED lighting system that helps create a welcoming and elegant atmosphere.

The installation has been made on a glass ceiling by using adjustable steel cables as fixing system.

This detail once again confirms the high flexibility of Caruso Acoustic solutions, which can fully meet customer’s project and aesthetic needs.

Italian Contribution to the project

Prodotti Caruso Acoustic Flag, Silente

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