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Siemens Spa

Siemens Spa

by Caruso Acoustic by Lamm Srl


Caruso Acoustic completed the installation of its sound-absorbing panel Silente to set up the Siemens headquarters in Milan. The installation has concerned a broad open-space where different tasks are daily carried out and a great importance is given to the employees acoustic comfort.

After a thorough acoustic analysis, the company of Parma has developed a functional solution suitable for this kind of setting and activities: in offices of this size, the main need is to reduce the time of reverberation and to facilitate the employees’ communication.

The sound-absorbing hanging panel Silente is a high-performance, versatile solution which can improve the acoustic absorption of the room for the benefit of the listening quality and the individual or team work performance.

Siemens has chosen the version with sound-absorbing melamine resin Basotect® di Basf® and fabric in three shades: green, yellow and beige. Silente panels adapt perfectly to the furniture giving brightness to the space.

The project by Caruso Acoustic plans a focused arrangement of standard and customized size panels in the whole area in order to reduce the confusion typical of open-spaces. The installation minimalist design adds elegance and order to the room.

Italian Contribution to the project

Prodotti Caruso Acoustic: Silente

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