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The project involved the realization of monumental, handcrafted, artistic and customized marble works for a private villa.

The customer wanted:

  • 2 identical fireplaces in First French Empire style to be installed on two opposite walls of an elegant hall. Dimensions of one fireplace: height 655 cm, width 325 cm. Marble: Var Beige;
  • 12 supporting columns, in prestigious marble with covering in gold leaf on capitals and bases, for the entrance of the hall in semicircle without ceiling so completely visible from the balcony of the first floor. Dimensions: height 350 cm, shaft diameter 40 cm. Marble: Rouge Griotte;
  • customized covering of the staircase, columns and flooring in prestigious marble for the entrance hall. Marble: Giallo Siena and Rouge Griotte

These works have been realized in 2000 and 2001 when technology and internet were not at the avant-garde. The customer required an urgent delivery of all works.

The entire work has been organized with staggered deliveries in order to combine the processing times with the technical times for the international delivery and the installation.

The organization of so many months of work, mainly related to the human factor, has been a great challenge.

Italian Contribution to the project

The contribution of Arte 2000 has been given with the planning and the handcrafted realization of monumental works such as fireplaces, completely carved by hand and the supporting columns.


The customer wanted a revisited and customized reproduction of an ancient work exhibited at the Louvre in Paris. The two side statues, for example, have been replaced with eagles and themed bas reliefs.

The few available photos were in low resolution and they didn't allow to distinguish the details. The study and the development of the artistic element of sculptures and decorations has been difficult. We have designed all the decorations in order to adapt them with the correct proportions to the real dimensions of the work to be sculpted. The complete and definitive artistic project, made by hand on a scale of 1:1, was sent to the customer to be applied on the wall in order to evaluate the final effect. We have realized clay samples and sketched the decorations on the various marble elements. The manufacturing and the sculpture have been made with traditional methods and manual tools.The two suspended fireplaces, without base, had to touch the floor in order to seem placed on the ground, without burdening on the latter. We have planned the anchorage to the supporting wall. The total weight was about 20.000 kg so we have dug the back of the abutments and inserted steel beams for the anchorage to the wall. The finishing of the surface has been made by hand on every single piece with manual techniques and antique abrasive tools.

Considering the monumental dimensions, the fireplaces have been realized in various pieces in order to be dismantled for the delivery and than assembled on site; also the bas reliefs have been sculpted on different marble slabs. We have studied the best solution to make invisible the union points.


Due to its substantial fragility, the Rouge Griotte marble was not considered suitable for the realization of supporting columns. We have planned the insertion of a support structure, not visible externally.

The shafts had to be tapered, or rather with reduction of the diameter from bottom to top. In order to make the junction of the two column parts less visible and to have the continuity of the veins, we have made inclined cuts considering the deviation due to the diameter change. In every element,  we have realized three parallel and equidistant holes to insert the steel bars in a unique piece. Using a semi-dense composition for the gluing, with long times for the hardening, we have been able to make with care and precision the correct assembly operations. The finishing surface has been made by hand with manual techniques and antique abrasive tools.

2019 Palladio Award - Traditional Building” for Craftsmanship 

Harrison Design for the architecture - www.harrisondesign.com

Antoine Bootz for photography

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